Kids are Back in School

I enjoyed having no set schedule, sleeping until I woke up on my own, and not having to nag about homework.  BUT . . . (you knew this was coming) how hard is it to entertain two kids for 2 weeks?  and entertain them I felt I must do–it’s been bitterly cold most days so sending them outdoors was tough.  Plus most of their friends were scattered so for the last week, especially, they’ve been consuming massive amounts of TV with little intervention.  Do you know what watching 10 hours of Hannah Montana can do to a 10 year old impressionable girl?  Sweet Niblets–it isn’t pretty.

So with little regret I hit the alarm clock this morning when it blasted off and got the two kids up and out of the bed and off to school.  Ah the silence.  Had the house to myself all day and was able to work and goof around at my leisure without being nagged or made to feel guilty for not providing some form of entertainment.  🙂  I’m such a bad mother.

I’ve included a picture of our Christmas in Wichita Falls with family.  11 inches in one day.  This is Texas mind you–a state where it hardly ever, and I mean ever, snows in December.  Where snow always melts within 24 hours.  This snow is still on the ground, and we only got out and back home by the sheer craziness my husband calls his driving skills.

Snow on Christmas Eve in Wichita Falls, TX

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