Barry Maitland’s No Trace

Just finished the second Barry Maitland mystery.  I stumbled across him in the library one day and now I think I’m hooked.  I love getting hooked on a series–means there’s so many more books to enjoy!  This is a Brock and Kolla police procedural mystery series set in England.  It’s true–I’m a sucker for an English mystery.  I also like Elizabeth George and Deborah Crombie and like them, Maitland isn’t British–he’s Australian.  (George and Crombie are American).

No Trace is an art mystery, which is kinda weird because it’s the fourth book I’ve read in the last month that has art at it’s heart.  Hmm.  Am I just subconsciously attracted to these books? I chose No Trace at random from the series so not sure what’s going on with that.

If you like police procedurals, give Maitland a go–

3 thoughts on “Barry Maitland’s No Trace

  1. I enjoy mysteries, too. I met Elizabeth George at a conference and bought her book on writing (“Write Away”), then started on her mysteries and was hooked. Might have to give Barry Maitland a look, too. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • I really like George’s early stuff but not so much some of the middle stuff. Her themes became repetitive and predictable. It’s hard, I think, to avoid that as a writer because there are some core ideas/values/themes that move us and we stick to those ideas. Her last book seemed to be off again in a better direction so maybe she’s finding new ideas to explore. I LOVED her book on writing, though. It was great. I loved Stephen King’s book on writing, too. Have you read it?

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