I’m a week and a half into the Mondo Beyondo course and I’m having so much fun with it.  Combined with having found these podcasts by someone known as the Queen of Dreams, I’m letting go, manifesting my dreams, and trusting in the Universe to make things happen.

We’ve been planning our move to the “farm” for a while now but have taken the first active steps this week.  We met with a draftsmen/architect and handed over my hand-drawn plans and arranged for a surveyor to survey our 11 acres.  I’ve written checks–real money has exchanged hands.  This has been exciting and scary.

I’ve been anxious about all this because I’ve been approaching it from a place of scarcity, assuming that we couldn’t really do this all because we didn’t have enough money.  Now I’m letting go and trying to head into this from an assumption of abundance.  We will find the money to do what we want, even if I don’t yet know where that money is going to come from.  The Universe will provide.

Here’s a picture of the farm from a couple of weeks ago.  That’s me in the white coat and J is the shadow.

the farm

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