What do you dream to do? I want to learn to make Pottery

kelly's bowl

One of the items on my Mondo Beyondo dream list was to learn to make pottery.  So I did, sort of. What I did do was sign up for a class and spent all day Saturday throwing pots.  Wow–what hard physical work and so difficult!  Luckily I had some great instructors and they were able to literally hold my hands and help me when my clay started to wobble, go off center, or fly about.  I ended up throwing 7 pots successfully.  I had two go flying off the potter’s wheel and one that ended up being a “spoon rest” because I blew the top off it.  There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re working with wet mud and spinning it around at a high speed!

There were six of us in the class–3 women, 1 man, and 2 boys (17ish).  I was surprised by this–such a universal interest in getting the hands dirty and creating.  That’s my bowl at the top of the picture.  You can barely make out the “Kelly” name tag.

Also on Saturday, the folks at Homestead Heritage Education Center ran a class on blacksmithing and soap-making.  There were about 15 people who had signed up to learn to make soap.  Go figure.  I think it’s a good sign when these classes are full–people want to relearn how to do basic things that once, everyone knew how to do.  How did we all manage to get so useless?

I love taking classes like this.  I meet new people from all over the place and really get outside my comfort zone.  I was no natural at pot-making–it would take me thousands of hours of practice to even be remotely descent at it.  But it’s good for me to do things that I’m really bad at.  Challenges my brain and fully absorbs my body.  Not sure when I’ll get a change to have a go at throwing on a potter’s wheel again . . . but I’ll keep my eyes open for another class.

mine are the pots on the top end

2 thoughts on “What do you dream to do? I want to learn to make Pottery

  1. I took a pottery course at night school many years ago. I have to admit I never did master the wheel but enjoyed the slab work and sculpting. Like painting and writing it’s a wonderful creative outlet. I didn’t continue making pottery but I still love it and have acquired quite a collection of useful pieces including an outrageous number of mugs! 🙂

    It’s good to pursue your dreams. You never know where they may lead.

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