3 thoughts on “Texas Women

  1. I have very contradictory thoughts about guns, which I do not see really how to reconcile. One of the items on my list of thigns I’d like to master before I meet my maker is to learn to shoot. Don’t want to shoot a living thing and for sure not a person; for me its more about having the mastery of being able to aim and hit a bull’s eye.
    Years ago at the very tail end of a relationship, my then boy friend perched a small car light bulb on a tree in the garden of his new house, and sitting inside the house facing out of the french doors, took the first turn at trying to hit the bulb off the tree about 50 yards away with a BB gun.

    I’d never handled anything like it in my life, but when my turn came, I squinted and took aim left handed. I’m usually right handed, but it just felt more natural to shoot left, and I knew no better. I added a bit of height for gravity over the trajectory path and pulled the trigger. Blow me if that light bulb, barely visisble from where I was sitting, didn’t fly off the tree; I’d hit it! It was one of the few times I’ve had the sense to quit while I was ahead and not try again. This guy was seriously wearing down my confidence for ages and it was a tremendous feeling to feel good at something that had him mystified and stupefied in amazement. I didn’t tell him it was a complete fluke, and somehow the fact that it was did not diminish my sense of satisfaction. Funny how we do this, sometimes… 🙂

    • Mariellen, I love this story. I know just what you mean about men who can destroy our confidence. I’m glad you showed him!
      I’m not a gun lover but I am in favor of breaking down barriers for women–or in this case, girls. When my mother suggested she give my daughter and niece pink BB guns, I thought, well, why not? Any skill she learns that makes her feel more confident has got to be good. In fact, my niece (the really blonde one in the front) was a sharp-shooter from the go. My daughter, who is extremely coordinated, was not. So she grew frustrated with her lack of skill, especially compared with her younger cousin. I’m not sure she’ll have much interest in this BB gun in the future but she never–not for one moment–thought she couldn’t do this just because she’s a girl.

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