Spoons; urgent travels but why?

For several weeks I’ve felt the urge to visit a neighboring town–McKinney.  It has been several years since I was there last, and I had seen and read references about the vital downtown area and the number of artists that have flocked to the city of late.  One of my favorite mystery authors lives there:  Deborah Crombie.  I listened to an interview recently with author and textile artist Jill Luig, who also lives there.  So I made plans to go on a Thursday while the kids were at school.  But instead, I had to attend a funeral.  Then I made plans to go on a Saturday morning with my daughter–it would be a girl’s morning out.  She reneged on me, preferring to stay and play with her friends.  So after two attempts, I finally made it this past Saturday with the husband in tow.  He was a good sport.  We had lunch at a very crowded place on the square called Spoons.  He had enchiladas and I had a wrap.  I should have had the pancakes.  But the buttermilk pie was light and delicious.  Then we walked around, popping into gift shops, antique stores, and a quilt shop.  I’m not sure what I was expecting.

You know how sometimes you get that urge to do something or go somewhere.  It’s like it’s calling you, demanding that you pay attention to it.  That’s how I’d felt about going to McKinney and each stalled attempt seemed to reiterate in my mind the importance of the journey.  But nothing happened!  No great insight–no artsy moment–nothing much.  It was very crowded and the traffic was terrible. The husband was patient but bored and then he had an all-out allergy attack.  Almost as if he was allergic to the place.  I’m still trying to figure out why I needed to make this trip.

Spoons in McKinney

2 thoughts on “Spoons; urgent travels but why?

  1. This will be an interesting thread to follow, if something were to appear that resulted from your trip …otherwise, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, the thick plottens!

  2. The square can be kind of sleepy sometimes. I know you just made it down but the weekend to come down is going to be the weekend of May 22nd. Chestnut Square is having a cowboy supper (dutch-oven style) on Sat. and the Trinity River Desparados re-enacting wild west shoot outs on Sun. That’s also Art Walk (the annual event) weekend and there will be lots more artists. I think that they close off the square for pedestrian-only traffic but I’m not sure.

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