Gasland–we are killing ourselves

I went to the showing of Gasland last night at the Modern Museum in Fort Worth.  I was floored–cried repeatedly during the movie and left so angry I was literally glowing red.  Angry at the government–Bush’s for instituting laws that have allowed this to happen, Obama’s for not changing these laws immediately–at the owners of these companies, at all humans for our greed, and at myself for continuing to live the way I’ve always lived:  dependent on oil, coal, and natural gas.  Read:  SELF-LOATHING.

You must RUN to see this film.  It SHOULD change the way you view your world.  I believe that it will be showing on HBO in a few weeks.

We are systematically killing ourselves because of our own greed–our desire to have more crap we do not need, drive bigger cars and more cars than we need, and to burn electricity and gas like they are the clean fuels that business owners say they are.  They are not clean–or cheap.  And I’m not talking about money–I’m talking about how expensive these things are in terms of our lives and health.

And it’s not just the natural gas industry.  I kept thinking about that all through the movie.  It’s oil, too, and coal.  You know what the oil spill is doing to the Gulf–killing fish and other wildlife and ruining ocean-related industries.  But those are just the short-term impacts that are on the news today.  What about the long-term impacts to our oceans and our lives?  We haven’t even begun to think about them yet and most of our politicians are hiding so that they won’t offend the business owners who paid for their elections.

I read the book Big Coal about a year ago and was disgusted then by the way we live with short-term greed our main focus.  If we begin to combine the environmental impact of just these three big industries–coal, oil, and natural gas–it is obvious that a few people are getting very rich at the long-term expense of the majority’s health and well-being–not to mention the total destruction of our environment and habitat as we know it.

Is money really worth this?  I don’t think so.  I am ashamed of ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Gasland–we are killing ourselves

  1. I’ve sometimes wondered how the world’s population (at least those of us in developed countries) would react if all sources of power suddenly vanished.

    When I am at my remote summer cottage, built from lumber we hand milled from trees on our property, where there is no electricity, no running water, no indoor toilet, etc., I am perfectly content “roughing it”. But I’m under no illusion that I am not still benefitting from technology that has cost the environment something. I wear clothes of synthetic fibres that were made and bought in the city, eat processed, pre-packaged food from my styrofoam cooler, devour books printed by machines operated by electricity on paper produced from cutting down trees. Unless I give up literally everything to permanently live a totally self-sustained existence without furnaces, lights, refrigeration, and yes, cell phones, and computers, etc., I can’t be naive enough to criticize those who seek and mine natural resources to maintain the standard of living that I take for granted.

    What does upset me is not the use but the abuse of the land without consideration of future implications. Like you, I’m shocked at the greed that perpetuates the pollution of our world. I look at my grandchildren and wonder if there will be a world left for their children.

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