Places of our Imagination

Some places capture our imagination and leave us with a haunted feeling. Others become our imagination, and these are often the ones from our childhood. I identify strongly with the rolling blackland prairie, a land of tall grasses, blowing winds, and trees along creek bottoms.

I just finished reading Wendell Berry’s, Imagination of Place. He speaks of the power of place.

What places have captured your imagination?

One thought on “Places of our Imagination

  1. As a young child I was very impressed by Burnett’s THE SECRET GARDEN. The garden was a magical place to me, hidden away as it was. I had a clear mental image of what it looked like and that has stayed with me through the years. The other memory that I treasure is of the Oregon coastline… wind swept sand dunes and grasses bent low and waving in the breezes against the sun-kissed ocean backdrop. I live on Canada’s west coast so the ocean isn’t new to me, but I just can’t forget that Oregon summer.

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