What’s a Cheese Monkey?

What is a Cheese Monkey?  Still not sure, despite having read Chip Kidd’s novel in two semesters The Cheese Monkeys. It’s about a kid who goes to State U to study art.  It is a hysterical satire with extremely witty dialogue but with some serious ideas about art and life thrown into the mix.  Take this, for example, from page 139,

“‘. . . so you see, that’s what a logo, for yourself or anyone else, has to do.  It has to flag people down, either by invitation or mystery, or any other means, actually.’  It was two days later.  Winter emptied his pipe.  Spack!  ‘And by limiting your materials I gave you a huge break–one that you can give yourself anytime you want.  Always remember:  Limits are possibilities.  That sounds like Orwell, I know.  It’s not–it’s Patton.  Formal restrictions, contrary to what you might think, free you up by allowing you to concentrate on purer ideas.'”


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