The Brazos River Catfish Cafe

We went camping over the weekend but waited until the last minute to book some place.  As you can guess–we had little luck in finding anything within a couple of hours of the metroplex.

Anywho–we finally did find an RV park about 15 miles west of Weatherford off I-20 and directly on the Brazos River.   With some trepidation, we booked.  We packed hurriedly, hoping to find some good places to eat dinner out that way.

There are FEW choices as you head out of the metroplex on I-20, I assure you!  But we found a real winner with the Brazos River Catfish Cafe.  Originally opened in the 1930s and supplied with fish fresh from the Brazos.  The original closed in the 1960s, but the new owners have turned this little hole-in-wall into quite a destination eatery.  The food is delicious, especially the pickled green tomatoes.  Yes, that’s right–you’ve got to try these and they came free as a side, along with tartar sauce and all the fixin’s for a loaded baked potato.  The catfish was fantastic and the hushpuppies just spicy enough to leave a memory.  If you’re headed out west on I-20, make a detour off at exit #394 and take the old bridge road.  Your belly will thank you.

Oh, yes–BRING CASH.  They don’t take credit cards of any kind but they do take cash or checks OR — believe it or not– if you’ve eaten and found yourself with no cash or check, you can MAIL them the money.  Yep, that’s right.  That alone tells you this is a good kind of place to visit.

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