Camping in an Airstream

We’ve been looking/thinking about getting a camper for a while now. We love to camp and go places and took a long road trip last year that would have been more affordable and much more sane if we’d had a camper. For all these reasons, plus the fact that we are going to soon start working on our new farm (where there is no place to sleep), we decided to take the plunge and get a camper.

Camper shopping is not really that much fun. After a little while, I realized that there are only a handful of floor plans shared between the dozens of different models and that differences were more subtle than just where the couch was located. We needed a camper that could sleep 4, plus 2 dogs but one that was small enough so that it made sense when it was just J and me. Our kids are older now and won’t be going on all our road trips with us. We also wanted something that would last and not have so many repairs. Plus we wanted something that would hold its value, if we decided that owning a camper wasn’t really for us.

Given all these needs and desires, we purchased an Airstream. Took it out for the first time this past weekend and tried it out. It’s a lot tougher to set one of these things up than you’d think! The fridge didn’t work so it’s back at the shop getting a replacement. But otherwise, we had a good time and learned a lot about towing a camper. We plan to put it through its paces this summer, making runs down to the Guadalupe River or the Comal.

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