Planning a Vacation

Way back on February 11 in the midst of one of our many snow storms this winter, I sighed deeply and booked a vacation to Jamaica. For the day AFTER my children got out of school. More precisely, June 4.

The temperatures had dipped again that day in February, and I was so tired and frustrated with the cold that all I wanted was to warm my toes in some sand much closer to the equator. I was exhausted, emotionally wrenched, and fed up with being cold. I NEEDED that vacation.

Problem was, I had to wait over 3 months for it to finally arrive and by the time it finally did, I wasn’t cold anymore–nor any where near as emotionally crazy. I didn’t need the vacation anymore–or not nearly as bad–nor that specific kind of vacation.

But since it was booked and paid for, off we went.

What have I learned??? When you need a trip away from your “real” life–whether it be in pursuit of sun, sand, or sanity, it does NO good to book it and wait. When you need time away, do it immediately. It’s not that you won’t have a good time when you finally do get around to the trip but sometimes by then, it’s not the trip you need.

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