seeing the way ahead

I’ve always been fascinated by lighthouses.  There’s something about them that seems terribly romantic to me.  The idea of the sea crashing into the shore and only that one small beam of light guiding the ship to safety.  Of course I imagine some lone damsel on the watch for her love, hoping that the light will bring him back safely to her.  Such are the dreams of 10 year olds who first encounter lighthouses at that highly impressionable age.  The ideal tends to stick with them (me) for a lifetime.

I know that manning a lighthouse was hard work, especially the more remote ones, and there was nothing romantic about the job but being that lighthouses now are unmanned, I’m just as happy keeping my romance-novel image of this beacon.

I think, too, that I like the idea that man created some kind of guide to help his brother.  In a world where it seems that all too often people are focused on greed and self-interest, the lighthouse is a nice reminder that there are times when people do care about strangers–their safety and their sanity.  Having a guiding light–be it a mentor, a friend, or a sense of spiritualism–can make all the difference.

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