Babes–Finger Licking Good

We have a friend who suddenly got a job change and is moving to Denton.  With no place to stay and unsure of how to begin the hunt, we’ve taken him in for the indefinite future.  It’ll be good to have a new person in the house–someone else’s contribution to the menu planning and cooking and a new set of skills to apply to the house and yard.  Every time we’ve had “guests” stay for an extended time, we’ve learned new things.  But first, we get to show him around, particularly to our favorite places to eat.

So we started last night by driving him 15 miles north to Sanger to eat at Babes.  Babes is SUPER popular and now has chains everywhere but this was the first–or at least one of the first.  Plus Sanger is this little, tiny town and Babes is the biggest thing going on.

There is always  a huge waiting line at Babes but it moves fast–no matter what they say, the longest we’ve ever waited has been 15 minutes.  This is because Babe’s has a set menu and your choices are limited–but no worry, you won’t go hungry.  And save room for desert, it’s worth it.

All veggies are served family style.  Choice of meats include fried chicken, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, roasted chicken, and pot roast.  Eat your biscuit with honey.  And if you come out feeling like I did last night, stroll around the downtown park.  You’ll need to walk off some of those calories.

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