Good Texas Barbeque

On our recent trip to Austin, we ate barbeque twice–yep, two meals in a row.  That’s not surprising if you are trying to fit all your favorite restaurants into a few short days.

First, we drove from New Braunfels where we’d spent the day tubing to Driftwood and ate at Salt Lick. Salt Lick’s sauces are mustard-based and are really yummy.  We ate family style, which means that they bring you platters of veggies along with three kinds of meat–all you can eat.  We ate too much!

Here’s the husband watching the open-pit waiting for dinner to be served.  It’s a rustic location and everyone eats on large picnic tables so don’t be surprised if you have to eat with another group.  It just makes for a more interesting dinner.

Then the next day, we drove out to Gonzales (more on that to come) and on our way back, we stopped and ate at City Market at Luling. This was another mustard-based sauce concoction but oh the ribs were meltingly sweet.  Given my indulgences of the night before, I restrained a bit and just had meat and a big dill pickle on the side.  It was definitely worth the stop, though, and apparently several dozens other folks thought the same.  It was 2 p.m. and the lunch crowd never slowed.

So if you’re in this part of Texas, barbeque is a must.  What is your favorite spot?

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