Architectural Antiques

I’ve been hitting the local salvage shops here in Texas, getting ideas and doing some small types of collecting in anticipation of our house-building project that should take off next year (on our new farm).

a selection of antique door knobs

We took a day trip from Austin out to Gonzales to visit the Discovery Architectural Antiques Shop to see what treasures they might have in-store.  And treasures they do have galore but not at prices that I could afford.  I took a picture of this small sampling of their antique doorknobs.  I was very interested in the dark brass knobs with the letter “A” on them (the hubby’s last name starts with A) because I thought they’d be great on some of our downstair’s doors.  But at $95 a knob (and remember, it takes 2 per door), I had to give them a pass and be content with a photo.

Our plan is to use as many salvaged materials as possible but I think a lot of “antique” stuff may be beyond our budget.  Any thoughts on salving materials to build a “greener” house?

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