Health Camp Road Food?

Figuring out what to eat while you’re driving to a destination is always interesting, and I like to go local if at all possible.  But lately, we’ve been taking the dog with us and that adds a whole new layer of complexity.  Where to park the truck/camper combo that is also shady enough so that the dog can stay in the car (unless there’s a patio that allows for dogs).  Hmm.  Very tough and in this instance, we ended up going in and getting burgers to go while J walked the dog.

This little place is just south of Waco on Hwy 77 and has been around for a long time–since 1949, according to the sign outside.  Not sure why they call it the “Health Camp,” though, unless you count the dairy in the milk shakes as “healthy.”  But it is a fun little place to whip in and grab a burger.  Plenty of parking space for the camper but no shade for the dog.

One thought on “Health Camp Road Food?

  1. Our RVing these days is also in a truck and camper, and since we travel with our dogs, too, we usually find it easier to find a place to pull off the highway… a rest stop, viewpoint, or rural road. I have the little refrigerator well stocked when we travel, and while one of us walks dogs the other gets out crackers, cheese, salami, fruit, etc., for a picnic. When our children were young it gave them a break from the vehicle and a chance to wear off some energy before we resumed the trip. Nowadays it gives DH and me a chance to stretch cramped limbs and we figure the lunch we’ve packed has to be better for us than what we would find at most take-out places along the way.

    Although “Health Camp” does offer one hope, doesn’t it? LOL

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