The Dead Lie Down by Sophie Hannah

I finished reading Sophie Hannah’s “The Dead Lie Down” this weekend. This former poet now turned mystery novelist has churned out four books thus far but this is the first one of hers I’ve read.

Let me just start by saying that I couldn’t put this down.  Problem is, I left it feeling very dissatisfied.   I’m wondering if it’s just me–and my background–that has made me so upset about how this book was constructed.

The plot is very complicated with several twists and turns BUT by the time I got to the end, I was angry with the two police officers featured because a simple newspaper search in a library’s database would have given them all the answers they needed to solve this “mystery” on page 50, not 400 plus.  I KNOW this!  Won’t other readers know this, too?  Or is it just because I’ve been trained as a historian (all we do is research) to know that answers are out there, and usually free and in the public domain.

I’ll probably give another one of Hanna’s books a shot because I liked the character development and the story-line had such promise but it goes to show you that you’ve always got to be aware of making things real.  You can’t hinge your whole plot on something that would take about 3 minutes in real life to confirm is false.

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