The Black Cat by Martha Grimes

Like books where animals play a key role?  Then you might like Martha Grimes latest Richard Jury mystery, “The Black Cat.”  Named after both a key character (a black cat named Morris) and the name of a pub where a woman is murdered, the book features a cat and a dog working in tandem and usually more brilliantly than the human detectives featured.

There was no warning for this animal feature in the book, though.  I was reading along and then got to a chapter where I was really struggling at first to understand from whose point of view it was written–it finally dawned on me that it was a DOGS point of view.  After that, I got back up to speed and had no more problems!  Lol!

And just so you can see our black cat, I’ve included a recent picture of our two cats:  DelRoy and Nibbles.  You may remember Nibbles–we acquired him last fall.  We’ve had DelRoy for a while now but he was shot last December by some punk (probably a teenager) with a pellet gun.  The vet tried to save his leg, but it eventually had to be amputated.  Not to worry, DelRoy has adapted beautifully and now runs and plays like most any other cat, with only a slightly more bouncy movement and not so sleek.  DelRoy is the black and white cat.  Cute, aren’t they?  Don’t let them fool you!

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