Being a Responsible Parent

Sometimes being a responsible parent is tough–it means telling your child that “NO, they may not drive home at lunch time to get papers signed that they should have gotten signed the night before.  And yes, if that means a zero, then that means a zero.”

And it means not tolerating rudeness, smart-mouths, and lots of Hannah Montana-like screaming just because they don’t get what they want instantly.  It may also result in withdrawals of all electronics–TV, Ipod, PSP, computers, etc. for a fixed amount of time.

Yesterday was a tough day in trying to teach my children responsibility.  As in–“you are responsible for your own actions and you WILL accept the consequences of those actions.”  If I don’t teach them this–and let them have plenty of practice time, how will they learn it?

After the 10 year old had calmed down from her tantrum, she asked how long she’d be grounded from all electrical devices.  I told her a week.  So in a final effort to win the battle of the wills, she stormed off shouting, “FINE–I’LL GO DRAW ON THE WALLS OF MY ROOM!!!!!”

Hmm.  Even though I was ready to choke her, It’s hard not to laugh at that one.

I did come across this video, though, where a school in Queensland, Australia is encouraging parents to grow up and teach their children responsibility.  What do you think?

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