Detectives that Interest Me: Elizabeth George and Nevada Barr

I just finished reading two books from two of my favorite mystery authors:  Elizabeth George and Nevada Barr.

George’s new Detective Linley mystery is a good one and reminds me of her early stuff.  I felt like George got bogged down in some of the same old themes there for a while but killing off one of the main characters re-energized the series.  Also, this book, This Body of Death, features one of my favorite secondary characters in this series–Barbara Havers.  I just LOVE Havers. She’s so passionate, quirky, and completely defiant that she is just irresistible to me.  I love when George features her prominently in a book, as she does in this one.  This is a good read!

I also recently finished listening to Nevada Barr’s latest on CD, Burn.  The novel features Barr’s long-time heroine, Anna Pigeon and like all the books in this series, Burn is set in a National Park.  Well, in this case, sort of–it’s set in New Orleans, which includes the Jazz National Heritage Park.  Didn’t know this existed, so that’s something to look for next time I’m in New Orleans.
If you are looking for a good mystery to read as the weather starts to turn cooler, either of these will do you!

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