ACL 2010: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Making Art at ACL

Just back from Austin City Limits, 2010!  What a better weather year.  Many of you may remember last year’s weather–in a word, RAIN.  But not this year.  Clear skies, not too hot temps, and cool evenings.  Biggest issue this year was bringing warm clothes for the evenings while balancing that with high 80s during the days.  Dragged around a lot more clothes than usual but I’ll take that any day over last year’s muddy feet.

Good shows on all three days but here were my favorites:

1.  The Eagles:  you gotta love a band that plays for 2 hours and you can sing every word in every song because all their songs are just that good.  What an amazing set!

2.  Ruby Jane: this girl rocks.  We saw her back in June with Asleep at the Wheel’s Tribute play to Bob Wills, so we were tickled to see her again.  I thought she just rocked the fiddle–but NO!  This girl can sing and play other instruments, too.  If you don’t know Ruby Jane, then go find her.  She is going to be big.  (Hint–she’s only 15 and is amazing!)

3.  Asleep at the Wheel:  awesome show, as always.  So polished and so much fun.

4. Blues Traveler:  great feel good tunes.

5. Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club: this was my sleeper band.  Loved, loved their music!  Very fun and dancy.  Perfect for cleaning the house.  lol!

6.  Phish: The Phish show was good, of course, but that’s no surprise.  These guys are just awesome musicians.

I enjoyed hearing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros sing Home but I wish they were less focused on Sharpe and more of their songs featured the “girl.”  Know what I mean?  She rocks.

And finally a few shots of us at the festival!

Doing Mad Libs between Sets

Lots of Hula-Hooping

End of the Third Day Proved TOO much!

ACL 2010

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