Favorite Blogs–SouleMama

Soule Mama Blog

I’ve been an avid blog reader for a couple of years now, having come late into the reading because well, . . . I don’t know why.  I guess I thought I was busy enough as I was and didn’t have time to spend reading about other people’s lives unless it benefited me in some way (ie. furthered the career).

But I was so unhappy on the career path I was driving down that when I finally jumped off (actually, it was more like a flying car crash off a tall bridge), I also began exploring blogs that had nothing to do with career or work.  Blogs from people who are articulate and kind and share my same values and interests.  That’s when I discovered SouleMama.  I don’t remember now how I came across her–probably a link from a link or maybe from one of her books that I happened to see in a fabric store or library.

However it happened, though, I’m so glad I did find Amanda Blake Soule because each day I look forward to reading about her family adventures.  I especially enjoy the peeks into her kitchen and how she is continually pursuing her dreams.  Just wanted to share Amanda’s blog with you all, just in case you haven’t found her yet!

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