Why the interest in forensics?

I was finishing up Simon Beckett’s book, Whispers of the Dead, yesterday afternoon so I could get it back to the library. My daughter was surfing TV channels–NCIS, CSI, Law and Order. All re-runs but all programs she’s watched dozens (should I say hundreds?) of times.

And what do all these things have in common? An emphasis on forensics, of course. Simon Beckett’s third thriller features Dr. David Hunter, a British forensic anthropologist, who leaves home to do research at Tennessee’s famous “body farm.” The novel twists and turns and left me guessing as to who the killer was until the very end. While I felt like I knew, I realized near the end that I was wrong (darn it) and then a sudden plot twist and no, I was right!

I will say that this book induced nightmares in me–I dreamt twice that I was being chased by some guy who was trying to kill me. So any book that can stick in my brain like that must be a good read!

I checked my copy out of the library so I was a little surprised to find the Kindle edition priced at over $14.00. The hardback was only $16. What is this publisher thinking?

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