Self-Publishing as an E-book?

Sin of the Father: An Elizabeth Ryan Mystery

I’ve been thinking long and hard the last two weeks about self-publishing my novel, Sin of the Father. Partly this is because I’m wrapping up the rewrites and deciding how I want to get this thing out the door.

If I go the traditional route, which I’ve done with the other books I’ve published, I’ll find an agent, who will find a publisher, who will then demand multiple rewrites, and months and months will pass. Then the book will finally come out. I will then do a signing or two, try to advertise the book, and likely end up with a box full of copies under my desk or shoved in a closet. And a royalty check twice a year that might, just might, cover a nice dinner. At least that’s been my experience so far with the publishing world.

But lots of people–both first time authors and seasoned pros–are skipping all this and going straight to the public with their writing by publishing through services like Amzon’s Kindle. The age of the e-book is here and that means lots of “Indie” books are getting into the hands of readers that never would have in the past. What do you think? Should I go for it and just send this thing out into the world via the e-book?

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