A Handmade Christmas, part 1

I usually try and make a couple of new things each year to freshen up our Christmas decorations. I really prefer the homemade stuff to the store bought goodies. I plan to make a tree topper this week so when I finalize my thoughts and get it made, I’ll upload it.

Until then, I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve made over the years, starting with this little embroidered piece. I made this sweet little pillow before my first child was born. That puts it at about 17 years old. I found a Christmas coloring book and essentially traced one of the pages onto some muslin and then went to town with embroidery. I imagined it in the bed of one of my children–if I ever got around to having one (or more). I did. And the pillow spent several Christmas’s decorating my oldest child’s bed.

My daughter pulled it out yesterday and it was looking its age. I tried hand-sponging the dirt and stains off but they wouldn’t budge. So we took the plunge and sent it through the wash with some towels and other soft things. Surprisingly, it made it through without a hitch. Now it’s fresh and ready for another Christmas.

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