A Handmade Christmas, part 2

I quilted this little table runner a few weeks ago. It’s not Christmasy colors, obviously, but rather the colors of Autumn. Autumn came late this year to Texas and leaves didn’t begin to change colors here until well into November. It seems fitting to leave these colors indoors until the trees are all bare. I expect that won’t happen until after Christmas, though.

Maybe I’ll gift this little treasure, though Nibbles the Cat would miss it. It’s become his favorite place to sit while he watches out the windows onto the world beyond.

I’ve considered making another with more traditional holiday colors–red and green. But I just don’t want to. Who says we have to follow a single color scheme when we decorate for Christmas? Can’t we just add things that brighten our day, regardless of the color? This table runner makes me happy.

And if you are interested, it’s super easy to make. I had some 10 inch square blocks that I matched wrong sides together and then sewed down the diagonal, using 1/4 inch seam allowances. Then I cut in the space between. That made these great triangular shaped blocks that I then just arranged and sewed together. I backed with some wool batting and a piece of backing. I left the backing larger than the front so that I could wrap it around and form a border. Then I free motion stitched to quilt. I sewed leaves, mushrooms, trees, and curly-cues. Very fun–from a distance or close up.

I’ve included a video about how to make half square triangles. It’s useful to know!

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