The Joy of Giving

We met my family at Six Flags last night to hear my niece sing in her school’s choir.  It was nice–she sang and then we ate, rode the rides, and enjoyed the lights and decorations.  It looked Christmasy.  Six Flags had even constructed a hill of snow that you could ride down.  (that doesn’t happen every year in Tx naturally.)

I mentioned to my mother that it didn’t feel like Christmas.  We had put up a tree, done some decorating, hung the advent calendar, but there was no feeling of the joy I used to have when I was a kid.  Maybe it’s because this time of the year for me now is a big push:  get the semester over and grades turned in, get gifts made and bought, shop, do, do, drive to family.  You get the picture.  Lots of work, stress, and very little joy.

I saw this video on Alisa Burke’s blog, though, and I realized that this is what I’m missing–the joy of giving to those who really need.  It isn’t much fun to figure out what your kid or niece might want when they already have far more of everything than they need.  But it would be satisfying to help those who really need the important things:  food, human contact, love.

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