The Council of Dads

Just finished Bruce Feiler’s latest book, The Council of Dads.  It’s real tear-jerker.  Let me recommend it–it’s a good book to read over the holidays.  Helps you to prioritize what really matters.

“When assembling this counsel I have been reminded of the great paradox of parenting:  Even as we come to feel that we can’t live without you, our primary job is to prepare you to live without us.  Our task, in a sense, is to make ourselves obsolete.  As babies, you arrive entirely dependent; we then spend the coming decades trying to make you independent, so you can thrive on your own, without us.

Because if the paradox of being a parent is that we must make ourselves unneeded, then paradox of being a child is that you discover how much you need your parents only after you think you don’t.  You spend your whole lives making yourself independent.  You go forth on your own.  And at exactly the moment you stop listening to us, you finally hear what we’ve been saying all along.”

Read it. It’ll be good for you.

Here are my two children–highly independent creatures.

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