Looking for a good book to give or read?

Of course I’ll recommend Bruce Feiler’s book, which I talked about yesterday, but I also just finished up Heather Lende’s latest–Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs.

It’s a little odd that I would pick up two books that both deal with dying prematurely AND enjoy them both so much.  Though the subject might sound depressing, both of these authors really spend their time talking about what they LEARNED from their near-death experiences (Feiler from cancer and Lende from a near-fatal bicycle crash).

Lende lives in the small Alaskan town of Haines and first caught national attention with her book, If you Lived Here, I’d know your Name.  It was shortly after the publication of the book that she was hit by a truck while out on a bicycle ride.  Lende spent the next year healing–and learning–from the experience.

You’ll discover how she has grown and learned new wisdom from this experience.  Again, these are both great reads for the holiday season and would make terrific gifts!

Learn more about Heather Lende on her website and blog–including goodies about Haines, Alaska.  I’d like to visit–but in the summer!

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