So you want to publish a book?

You’ve got a manuscript ready and you’re not sure what to do with it.  Or you’re working on a manuscript but not sure where to send it when you’re done.

Used to be, you’d need to find an agent who would then spend potentially months looking for a publisher.  Then you’d wait another 12 to 18 months for that book to hit the store.   Most likely, it would die a slow death over the next 12 months with little publisher support or marketing effort.

Wow—and all you wanted was to get your book into the hands of readers.  And maybe, just maybe, find a way to make a living doing something you love.  Kinda depressing, isn’t it?

But all that’s starting to change now.  Today you can get your manuscript into the hands of readers with 48 hours—by publishing your text as an ebook via the many online ebook sellers out there.

Why would you want to publish your manuscript as an ebook?

In my own case, I’ve published several nonfiction books the traditional way, through respected publishers.  I still get royalty checks biannually for most of them.  The last one—the single best seller I’ve written—earned $7.00.  Yes, that’s right–$7.00 for a half a years’ sells.  The publisher, of course, made the bulk of the money from that book.  And that’s how publishing works for most writers.

Unless you’re Stephen King, you aren’t likely to get rich by publishing the traditional way.  Hell, you aren’t even going to be able to make a bad living at it.

But again, that is beginning to change with the ability to publish an ebook yourself and retain all your rights (and most of the profits) yourself.

Take J.A. Konrath, for example, who promotes self ebook publishing on his popular blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. He’s selling about 1000 ebooks a day, most for $2.99 a book.  He makes 70% of the profits on those books from Amazon.  Do the math.  Or just check his stats that he publishes frequently on his blogs:  for example, he published on December 10th that he’d made $26,000 in six weeks through ebooks.  Konrath published with traditional publishers for years but has discovered that he can make a lot more money—and retain control over his material—by publishing ebooks.

Hmmm.  That’s quite a comparison between his $26,000 and my $7.00.  And mine was for 6 months—not six weeks.

And Konrath isn’t an anomaly.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of writers are making a good living by publishing their books as ebooks themselves.

For these two reasons alone, you might want to consider publishing your book as an ebook:

  1. get your book into readers hands immediately.
  2. Actually make a little money from your writing.

How do you do it?  Not to worry.  I’ve just finished the process so I’m going to spend the next few weeks detailing how to publish your manuscript as an ebook, giving you the ins and outs and lots of resources.  AND I’ll share my tips, ideas, and thoughts on advertising that ebook.  It’s one thing to get the book out there and another to let readers know that it’s available.

So hang in there with me.  Post lots of questions, and we’ll learn this process together.


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