How do you publish an ebook with Amazon?

One of the big questions people have asked me is, “how did you publish an ebook with Amazon?”

There have been other questions, of course, including:

  1. What does it cost to publish on Amazon?
  2. Can anyone do it?
  3. Is this “real” publishing?

Publishing an ebook with Amazon was surprisingly easy.  And yes, it appears as though anyone can do it.  While Amazon will put your book up, it’s up to you to market and sell it.  Which means that if it’s good and you can get it into the hands of readers, it will likely sell.

Publishing ebooks with Amazon is free—and that has really allowed an Indie writing market to emerge for the first time ever.  Pretty exciting, isn’t it?  Great authors who, for one reason or another, might never have gotten noticed by a lot of readers are now making brisk sells.  It certainly is democratizing the publishing industry—if you can call ebooks part of the “publishing” industry—for the first time ever.

So how do you “do” it?

Go to Amazon’s Digital Text platform and start the process.  You can register and sign in and then browse through their helpful articles that will get you started.  You can even go ahead and get started before you have that book finished.

Tomorrow, I’ll go into detail about how I took my Word document and got it into a format that is compatible with Amazon’s platform and their Kindle Device.

Again, post any questions you have—it will help all of us as we figure out this process and is a great way for you to advertise your current or upcoming ebooks!

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