I want to write a book: do you?

I have a friend who is very smart.  She’s written a dissertation.  She presents workshops, has a well-followed blog, and consults in her area of specialization.  She’s been wanting to get her ideas out there in book form to a wider audience but she feels stuck.  Immobilized by fear:  does she know enough about her topic to write a book?  Will people laugh at her?  How does one write a book?  What’s the process?  How is it organized?  How long should it be?  Etc., etc., etc.

Thing is, she’s not alone.  Millions of people want to write a book.  Most will never do it.  So how do you do it?

In this instance, I’ve agreed to work with her as her book coach.  Set perimeters, listen to her ideas, help her to structure those ideas, and to enforce deadlines.  It’s interesting to work on this side of the coin and it’s certainly helping me to get more organized with my own thoughts and writing.

So would you like to write your book this year?  If you want to play along, let me know–

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