Update on the Farm

We’ve been out working on the farm, making the first “positive” improvements to the land. So far, all we’ve done has been to remove things: 2 old cars, 2 old campers, piles of junk, a very large 2 story structure on stilts, did I say PILES of junk? The people who owned this little piece of land before us had taken to using it as their dumping ground so it’s been a long haul to get the majority of the junk removed. We aren’t finished, but we are making progress.

So–there was a 2 story building on stilts on the property that was blown over in a straight-line wind storm. Very unsafe but the rats and mice were enjoying the luxurious accommodations. That had to go. Our families spent a weekend in November tearing down the old building.

the building had tilted and laid over on itself

After a furious long day of work involving about 10 adults, the building became 6 separate piles of wood, junk, and trash.  The goal was to go through the piles and salvage all that we could, especially the wood and hardware.

the building became 6 separate scrap piles

Two weeks ago, the weekend I got so horribly sick, we went back out and started working on a new tool shed to sit on the concrete slab formally occupied by the old building.  You can see the piles of junk still sitting around the perimeter.

now the new tool shed!

By the end of the weekend it became this:

Putting on wafer board

And then this last weekend we added siding and trim.  AND finally started going through those six piles.  We were able to knock it down to just three.  We scavenged wood primarily and a little hardware that is probably reusable.  Will keep you updated with more pictures soon.  But we’ve fled back to the city now to work and go to school.  Plus, we’re having a severe storm that will last all week so I don’t think we’ll head back out this weekend.  All this work is exhausting!  I’ll be ready to finalize the move and just live in one location rather than going back and forth.

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