For the Love of Color: Judy Coates Perez

Amidst all the white, brown, and dull skies that have been Texas for the past month, I’ve been exploring COLOR in Judy Coates Perez’s online class, Color Theory.

Here’s a small sample of Judy’s work taken from her website:

Judy Coates Perez

As you can see, she is a master with color so I jumped at the chance to take the class.  I’ve worked through lesson one, now, where I’ve learned about mixing colors and how different shades of red or yellow or blue can produce pure colors versus “muddy” ones.  It was a fun experiment exploring lemon yellow versus buttercup, cobalt versus ultramarine, and vermillion versus oriental red.  You’d think that combining these primary colors would result in the greens, purples, and oranges that make up the secondary colors of the color wheel–and they do, if combined in the correct way.  If not, then you get muddy versions of the colors.  And if you were to see my chart, you’d have no doubt what I mean by “muddy.”

experimenting with the color mixes and taking notes

mixing colors

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