Location matters–in nature and in people

We’ve had a lot of winter weather here in Texas in the last two weeks and that means ice cycles.  I find them endlessly fascinating, especially how a row of them can be so different.  Only inches apart and yet some grow long, others short.  Some fat, others stretched thin.  How is that?

I posed that question to the husband and he responded by telling me to look at trees or other plants.  A few feet can make all the difference in whether a tree grows straight and strong or bent.  You wouldn’t think that much variation could exist within a small micro-climate, but it does.

So that brings us to location.  Location is everything–and not just for ice cycles or trees.  Some times we plant ourselves in locations that aren’t healthy–hanging with the wrong kinds of people or living in a community that doesn’t share our values.  We know something is off but we can’t always put our thumbs on what it is.

It might be location.  We should try to grow where we are–appreciate each location in our lives (whether it is a physical one or merely a state of mind) for what it is but honestly, some environments will help us to grow stronger whereas others hinder us.  What is your best location?  Where do you need to be to grow stronger?

We are in the moving process right now–out to a chunk of land in an isolated area in the upper stretches of the Texas Hill Country.  Few people and little human-made noise.  I expect that this will be good for me.  I think it will.  I think this is where I want to spend most of my time.  But I know I’ll want to make short forays into cities–to go to museums, markets, and bookstores.  I definitely want to travel to new places.  I crave adventure and that sense of “different.”  This move is certainly an adventure, especially one in learning whether this place will be one where I will bloom and grow.

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