Thrifting: oh the things you’ll see

I’ve been doing some “thrifting” lately.  Going to thrift and junk shops to see what’s there and to get some inspiration.  Mainly I look for fabric, usually in the form of sheets, curtains, and table cloths.  I can sometimes find some great stuff for dollars.  Much cheaper than in a fabric store, and I’m being kind to the environment.

There’s this place in Denton, Texas, called Mike’s.  It’s not a thrift store but rather falls more into the “junk” category.  It’s so packed you can hardly walk in.  But it’s filled with fascinating stuff–most out of wood or serious, long-lasting materials.

I visited Mike’s yesterday.  I scoped out the old tools, fans, and cast iron skillets.  All stuff my Dad loves.  But this little machine caught my eye.  I’m a sucker for boxes or bags of any sort and when I opened this one, I was struck.  Was it an old polygraph machine?

I didn’t know but its dial on the left has settings like, “test 1, test 2, test 3.”  There’s a little ticker needle that records information on a scroll of graph paper.  I imagined some police department in the 1960s using this machine to catch a bank robber.  Or a PI strapping it onto the arm of a cheating husband.  Oh the intrigue!

A quick search on e-bay revealed that the machine isn’t anything that exotic.  In fact, it’s name should have given me a hint to what it was:  Cardi-All:  Cardio, cardio machine, portable EKG.

Here’s one that’s similar for sale on ebay:

Still, I prefer the stories I imagined standing knee-deep in junk at Mike’s.  Although a portable cardio-machine could illicit a few wild tales:   a serial killer watching how much a heart could take before it exploded?  Hmmm.  How my mind works!

2 thoughts on “Thrifting: oh the things you’ll see

  1. i’m in dallas- might have to make a road trip to mike’s one of these days.

    i love estate sales too but have taken a hiatus from it since before the winter holidays arrived. itching to get back out there!

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