Weaving a Cloth, Weaving a Life

Winter Background

I’m taking a contemporary weaving class online with Jude Hill.  There are a lot of us in the class from all over the world.  It’s exciting to see what such talented people have been doing over these past few cold weeks.  One of the snow days, I was inspired to weave a background that reminded me of the snow outside my office window.  There were some patches of pure white but most were murkier, revealing bits of the brown earth underneath, or some other color–the street, plants, or some stray toy left out.  Here’s the woven base that I will now add to, recreating a scene as much in my imagination as in reality outside my window.

Weaving cloth is much like trying to weave a life.  The warp and the weft made up of good threads and bad.  Sometimes the bad overwhelms and it looks like the cloth won’t be stable. But then good intervenes strengthens, brings hope to the whole.

I’ve left this woven base aside for now, though, because I’m working on an ocean scene with a sea made of woven bits on an angle.  I’ll reveal more about it tomorrow.  I’m almost done with the radiating sun, and when I am, I’ll take a photo and post my progress.

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