sickness, again. sigh.


Here she is just a couple of days before she got sick. Healthy, happy, full of energy. And then, seemingly out of no where, crash. She’s barely able to get off the couch. Sleep is impossible. I have to carry her to the bathroom. She’s wracked with coughs and a perpetual river of snot. Did I mention HIGH fever? A run to one of those emergency clinics on Sunday (she got sick Friday night and I’m a wait and see kinda mom) confirmed she was positive for Flu AND strep throat. Well, that explains that. We are finally coming out of the haze today. Still coughing and snotting but fever free. She’s perkier and is getting tired of 1980s re-runs on TV. AND she slept like 6 straight hours last night. Oh her mommy is happy. You see, when baby doesn’t sleep, mommy doesn’t sleep. But then again, all you moms out there know this scenario all too well. So if you’ve wondered about the silence, I’ve been nursing this little one. (in case your wondering, this is her cat Nibbles. I’ve never seen a cat love a girl so much.)

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