Latest Weaving

I don’t do a lot of work with pinks. In fact, I tend to use warm colors in general to highlight things, rather than using them as base colors. But I found these brocade/silk like napkins at a thrift store last week for .50 cents and took the plunge. But what color to weave into them? More pink seemed to be the answer. So I dug into my stash, which is huge, but contained only about 4 choices of pink. That would have to do. And I must say, I love it. Even though I’m not a fan of pink, I like the way this is coming together. I’ve not basted yet or started the embellishments, but I love the saturation of color. I plan this to be a pillow top. I’ll match it with its partner and it will be all ready for a pillow form! EDITED: ON FURTHER THOUGHT, I THINK I’LL SEW THIS INTO A CUTE LITTLE MESSENGER BAG.

One thought on “Latest Weaving

  1. Hi Kelly…I’m visiting from CBW. I like your pink weaving. It is ready to be embellished in all it’s glory!

    I am loving Jude’s class. I spend way too long on the computer though…all these great blogs I’m visiting.

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