The Old Publishing Paradigm–when will publishers wake up?

So Emma finally caved into the pressure and requested to see the Justin Bieber movie. She’s been an on-again-off-again fan of Bieber’s since he got popular. She’s like that–likes someone intensely and then goes off of them just as forcefully. But lately, she’s been back on Bieber so we went today after school and saw the film (is it a filmography? like a biography but delivered via film?)

So here’s what I took away:
Extremely talented kid that apparently didn’t fit into any of the pre-conceived “platforms” established by the Music Industry. Thus, it didn’t matter how talented he was–no one would sign him. In fact, he was told to come back when he was older–like 28. You see, the Music Industry, despite being ROCKED by the internet, file sharing, etc., is STILL living in the same old patterns. They can’t think outside the box. Well, they won’t. And this from people who are supposed to be innovative.

What Bieber’s manager did was to take him directly to the public using social media outlets: YouTube, Twitter, etc. The manager, Scooter Braun, with help from Usher, bypassed the old, established Industry and created a sensation. And the sensation wasn’t just fluff–that kid is really talented: sings, dances, and plays guitar, piano, and drums. He’s amazingly good (something I didn’t know before watching the film.) Given the opportunity to choose, the public chose to support this really talented singer. And you know what, there WAS a damned platform out there–people who wanted to hear this kind of music. It just didn’t fit into the narrow, pre-conceived tunnels created by the Music Industry.

All this resonates with me because it reminds me of the Publishing Industry. You know–old, pre-conceived notions that haven’t changed in 150 years. And despite the industry being ROCKED (think Borders going bankrupt, ebook revolution, bookstores going out of business everywhere), the Industry is desperately holding on to the status quo.

DUH. When will these people accept the fact that the world has changed, that independent artists in all fields can create and get their art out to the pubic without having to be regulated by the same old assholes? The gates are coming down and good writers with good stories will be heard.

Don’t believe me? Check out Amanda Hocking, John Locke, or J.A. Konrath. In addition to thousands of other Indie authors. So bring on the revolution–the world will change. Thanks to the internet, democracy will reign for artists everywhere.

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