Food Waste

Picking up from last week’s discussion, I saw this article in Good that claims that the U.S. wastes 40 percent of all food produced each year. Wow. And to think that there are people starving in the U.S. This boggles my mind that we can be this wasteful–a result of our food being controlled by a huge, corporate machine rather than locally where people can distribute and make sense of food more easily.

The article is about Jonathan Bloom’s new book, American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It.) It’s on my to-be-read list.

Here are 5 tips from Bloom:
1. Shop smarter. Make a list to reduce your purchase of unnecessary items, plan meals, bring less food into your house. Since 25 percent is wasted, commit to buying 25 percent less food.

2. Focus on sensible portions. Portion sizes have increased as have the diameter of dinner plates. Pay attention to what’s on your plate and think about equating value less with quantity than quality.

3. Ignore expiration dates. OK, so don’t ignore them but approach with a fair amount of skepticism. If something is spoiled, you’ll know it by the way it looks or smells not by the date on its packaging.

4. Love your leftovers. Don’t just save them, eat them.

5. Befriend your freezer. It’s a waste delayer.

for more, see his blog.

One thought on “Food Waste

  1. Great post. I have the book because I started reading his blog before it came out and wanted to give an early show of support. It’s shocking and even though I thought I was pretty good about preventing waste I began noticing that I still have work.

    By the way…I love Natalie Goldberg!

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