Novelty and Excitement

I’ll do a complete review of this book once I finish with it but I wanted to inject something early on:

I’m reading Buzz (more on it later) and it’s about Attention Deficit Disorder, which I do not have nor have I ever thought I’ve had, HOWEVER, one of the things the author says is that people with ADD have an exceptional need for NOVELTY and EXCITEMENT–way beyond the normal human need.

It was like I was hit by a bolt of lightening.  OMG!!!  That’s me–I am so excited.  I’ve frustrated so many people with my boredom and my constant desire for something new and different–as in going to a new place, reading a new book, taking a walk down a different path. Anything for variety (or novelty and excitement.)  Remember my earlier post about the chocolate cake and how I was really just lusting for variety via deserts?

OMG–this is me and now I understand.  My brain is wired this way.  There’s something in there, some little tic, that makes me like this.  I can’t HELP it!!!  Yea!  Now when people get mad at me–ie. the husband–I’ll tell him that I just have a brain variation that requires way more stimulation in the novel and exiting genres than does his.


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