Images of Bird Cloud

Harry Teague Architects, Bird Cloud image

One of the things I thought missing from Annie Proulx’s book, Bird Cloud, was pictures.  If she’s going to talk about her home and land to such lengths, then show me a picture!  Anyway, my curiosity being what it is, I dug around on the web and came up with these images from the architectural firm that designed the house.  It’s as stunning as I imagined.

Thought you might be interested, too.  My all time favorite is the kitchen.  I love that saturation of color.  When Proulx described it in the book, I thought, ‘how can that work?’  But it sure does.

Wayne Thom Photographer, Bird Cloud image

7 thoughts on “Images of Bird Cloud

  1. Thanks for posting/pointing to these. Quite a house — if in a not-very-practical location! Have to look for her around here (Taos/Santa Fe).

    Just finished her book-cum-sales pitch — pretty entertaining, though some of the historical & ornithology bits bore the suspicious whiff of recycled research from othr projects, and filler to make the thing look more like a book. Which inspired snark like h

    WTH, the lady can write, and now I know what the place looks like. Oh, and here’s an exterior:
    and another, better one:

    Happy reading–
    Pete Tillman

  2. Thanks for posting these. I am listening to the audio book and was about to order the actual book from my library so I could see the place, but thought I’d search online first. You say, there are no photos in the book, so I will have to be satisfied with what I find online. I just got to the point where the author realizes she can’t live in this place from October through March. I would have given up at that point. But, then, I hate cold weather so much, I wouldn’t have purchased property in Wyoming. I’d visit in the summer, but that would be it for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. I have just finished Bird Cloud & was wondering how the house looked! Boy does it put me off taking on a building project! She writes beautifully though. I think my favourite lines were “Walking induces a trancelike state that allows the mind freedom and ease and encourages exploration of odd possibilities and improbable connections.” Chapter 10.

  4. Yes, longed for pictures – of the cliff, the river, the house – having sweated it out every inch of the way in the book. Just HAD to see it, knew it would be big but even bigger than I thought! Especially loved the last chapter on the birds – and the wind, I come from a wonderful windy city and I could hear that wind.

  5. I discovered Bird Cloud years after it was published, and was saddened to learn Proulx had sold the ranch. I had imagined a series of future novels penned from there.

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