Grilled Pizza–a riff on a clay oven

My obsession with all things River Cottage continues, I fear.  I checked out the River Cottage Bread book from the library, and the last chapter features a clay oven I can’t wait to tackle on the farm.  Unfortunately, it’s not high on the ‘to-do’ list at the moment.  But those wood-fired pizzas described in the book sound so tempting.  What’s a girl to do?

To get that chewy, blistered crust, an oven has to hit upward to 700 degrees fahrenheit. That’s way hotter than my kitchen oven can manage.  It won’t go above about 450.  But I can get my grill up above 500.  So I mixed the pizza dough, put it aside to rise, and fired up the grill.  Within an hour we had these fantastic pizzas.  The night before I’d roasted some garlic and stuck it in some olive oil as a dipping sauce.  Good–but it needed time to mature.  It hit its peak tonight and was excellent drizzled on the pizza.

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