Deep Roots

We had some free time this past weekend at the farm and went up the road to one of the many small, old cemeteries in the area.  We had heard that some of the husband’s family was buried there and it didn’t take long for us to locate the graves.  Annie was the mother.  Looks like she gave birth to a son in February.  She died four months later–could it be from complications related to birth?  And then three months later the baby died.

What did the husband do?  Did he remarry?  We didn’t find another wife’s grave–but that doesn’t mean anything.  Looks like the husband/father died in 1956.  He outlived his wife and son by a long time.

I suppose I can backtrack through the census records and find out what M.C. Tucker did and whether he remarried or not.  Maybe I will one rainy day.  In the meantime, I think I’ll just make up little stories about his deep love for Annie and how he struggled on, heartbroken.

(one more imagining–notice the year he was born?  1866?  Think his father returned from the Civil War and was glad to see his wife?  Was there a baby-boom that year, similar to the one after World War II?)

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