best house for sale in Denton, Texas

  Yep, that’s right–we’ve had our house listed for 3 weeks and guess how many people have come by to see it???  If you guessed 0 (zero) you are right!

I’m sure there are several factors that have led to this result, including the fact that there are 5 (five–yes that’s right) houses for sale on just our street.  Plus the market is terrible.

But I want to say that this is an awesome house and if someone would just come in and check it out, I’m certain they’d agree.  This is a terrific house for a family–lots of space and privacy, despite being only 2500 square feet.  There’s a perfect backyard for entertaining and playing and it’s in a great location near two schools and an enormous park.

If you’re searching for the best possible house you can buy in Denton, Tx, this is it–it’s been lovingly cared for and we’re looking for the next family to take over.

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