Baby Deer Down

We spent the weekend at the farm and it was perfect.  I did not want to go back to the house and my current “real” life.  The weather was perfect and not a human noise audible.  I identified close to a dozen different birds, and they were all singing.  It was a symphony of bird song.

But the strangest thing happened–our Beagle sniffed out a baby deer and chased it down.  We, of course, hightailed it after them, thinking the dog would kill the baby.  No sign of the mother, so I’m not sure where she was in this ruckus.  We managed to pull the dog off the baby and after some gentle stroking and a rest, it was able to get up and run off.  I hope it united with its mother.

This isn’t it in the picture–I had no camera on me–but this is what it looked like.  About the same size and age.  It still  had its umbilical cord attached.  It was really amazing in that it let me pick it up and inspect it and handle it.  I suppose it had little choice, though, having been scared near to death by a dog and then two humans.

But that’s a small sample of life on the farm.  I can’t wait and the only think holding me back is selling this house.  If you know someone who needs a great house, email me!

(this picture is taken from this website:, which I have copied and borrowed here as an example of the deer I encountered today).

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