(Re)Visiting the Drive In

We decide to escape some of the heat this weekend by going to a movie. Sounded good in theory but then Emma spotted a listing for a drive-in theater. She’d seen these on TV but hadn’t visited one in real life. Of course, we took off, thinking that the temperatures would ease up a bit after dark. They didn’t–our car registered 104 degrees at 10:30 p.m.

But despite this, we had a great time at the Town and Country Twin Drive In Theater in Abilene. I hadn’t been to one since I was younger than Emma. About the only thing that’s changed is the way sound is delivered to your car. It’s no longer brought in by speaker but rather through a FM channel that you tune into your car stereo.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same. Cars pull up, people pile out and set up camp either in, around, or on top of their cars, trucks, and vans. Refreshments are available, though I saw a lot of coolers of beer brought in.

This theater had two screens and a double-feature with the first movie starting at 9 and the second around 11. We saw Kung Fu Panda 2 but didn’t stay for the second movie, Thor, because we’d already seen it. Plus, the farm is about an hour from Abilene and 9 is Emma’s usual bedtime. By the time the movie was over, she was ready to crash, which she did on the drive back.

I was surprised by the number of folks who came out for the movies. Many started at one screen and then drove to the second one to see the later movie. This meant that people could mix-and-match movies, letting everyone see something they’d enjoy. Plus, it was cheap. The 3 of us got in for $18. What a deal for 2 movies!

If there’s a drive in near you, consider patronizing this little piece of Americana.

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