Update: Converting your Word document to a Kindle Ready Format

Back in January, I wrote about converting your Word document for e-book upload here.  When I finally got everything wrapped up on this latest manuscript, The Soul’s Shadow (including having it professionally edited), I contacted EBook Architects to work with them to have the document converted.

Well, there were a few hitches this time (as you might expect).

1.  I emailed Ebooks and got a reply saying that the owner was out of town at a conference and would get in touch later.  He didn’t.

2.  A couple of days later I went on their website and found that they’ve moved to a new process where you upload your manuscript into a form and then get a quote. Great!  I uploaded.

3.  And waited.  And waited.

4. Two weeks later I received an email saying the form wasn’t working and could I upload it to a safe storage site?  I did.

5.  Two days later I received a quote saying that it would take 11 weeks to convert the document.

Wow.  11 weeks?  That’s starting to sound a lot like a publisher.  Turn in the manuscript and wait, wait, wait for its eventual release.

So I started digging around again and found this online free converter called Calibre and downloaded it.  Wow–did it really work!  I was able to do my own conversion within an hour.

I saved the Word doc as a RTF file.

Then uploaded and converted it to EPUB and MOBI formats.  The MOBI looks better but both are excellent.

Then straight to Amazon.

All in less than 2 hours, plus it cost me nothing.  Can you believe it?

So if you are looking to convert your manuscript–or any document, for that matter–for upload to your e-reader or Kindle, consider this new approach.

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